Weekend at the museum

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The museum-diorama is able to please the most discerning and sophisticated Muscovites and guests of the city. It is equally interesting for both adults and children of any age. The museum's exposition is a European part of our country in miniature. The museum area is more than 1,500 square meters, and there are dozens of recognizable cities and places in Russia. The most famous historical and natural objects come to life on the diorama and appear before the audience in their splendor. The opportunity to visit and see the whole country at once, in one place, is unusual and unique in its own way. On the technical side, the museum is distinguished from others by a moving system of roads and railways, many dozens of interactive scenes that are launched by visitors, and the change of day and night.

According to statistics, many residents of our country rarely travel. If after viewing it you want to visit the cities and places that we recreated on the layout, or at least once again come to the museum, then we have completed our task. In our world of real fantasies, real, non-fictional people and machines live. They are waiting to meet you.

Senior from the Creators: Vadim Avilov

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