How many plots are there in the "Tsar Layout"?
Even the creators probably won't be able to answer this question now – they've lost count. Once there were several dozen of them. Then a few hundred. Every day the population of our mini-universe increases.
Published: Чт 14 october 2021, 22:09

"Worker and collective farmer" and an exact copy on a scale of 1:87
If you get out of the VDNKh metro station and go left along Mira Avenue, exactly 970 meters later you will come to the legendary monument "Worker and Collective Farmer", which is familiar to everyone and which needs…
Published: Пн 04 october 2021, 02:24

How many bridges are there in Russia?
According to Rosstat, 42 thousand bridges have been built and are functioning in Russia, while their number is increasing by about 200 units every year, and their total length is more than 2 million linear meters.
Published: Чт 02 september 2021, 15:23