Vitalik Robot

A new character - the robot Vitalik-has appeared on the Tsar layout. Forgotten on Earth, he restores the spaceship to return to his planet. The Android found everything you need in a scrap yard.


It's not a boring job to start railway traffic, arrows, bridges, overpasses, railway stations, tunnels and viaducts. It is impossible to convey all the plots and twists in one video. It is difficult to surprise, but we try!

Moscow was not built immediately

It didn't work out right away, and Moscow wasn't built on a 1:87 scale right away. Moscow did not believe in tears , but believed the strong guys from tsarmaket . This is an honest ho scale in motion, long wanted and turned out.

The train rushes...

Variety, revelry, excitement, expectation, impatience...
Orthodox our people are having fun!
And faster, faster will,
The train rushes into a clear field.

RT-70 radio telescope

One of the largest radio telescopes in the world: RT-70 (70 meters diameter of the mirror, area - 2500 square meters). Over its more than 40-year history, it has worked on many bold space projects.

An echo of that war...

Happy Victory Day! Congratulations to veterans! Everyone who doesn't forget!

Rails, rails, sleepers, sleepers.

There was a lot of movement, and it immediately became better and more fun...

Jewelry work

The birth of magic.


We work with a light, without fire and smoke does not happen.

Traffic or traffic?

What is the correct movement or movement? It doesn't matter, both create mood and emotions.

Forest road

There would be nothing here! without me...


My friend and I both worked on diesel...

Palace bridge

"Palace bridge and the hour is near.
Random busy post.
Magic will happen now,
The main bridge will come together.»

Chocolate factory

Opening of the walls of the new chocolate factory. Sweet viewing is provided by three floors of magic machines. Relentless conveyor, crushers, agitators and other Willy Wonka produce real chocolate.


Are you tired of everything? Do you suffer from misunderstandings of your family and friends? Do you want the same emotions as when you were a child? Tired of the bouts of depression? Take a look at the video,You'll be able to see it live soon!

Chocolate factory machine

Flight of fancy from the drawing to its reflection in the real mechanism. Soon the walls will open, literally and figuratively, a chocolate factory. In the meantime, one of his many sweet looms.

"Real" fire
Wind is power
Freight train
Cable car
Railway serpentine
Hello colleague and bye