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The Central pavilion of VDNH

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The Central pavilion of VDNH

The exhibition of achievements of the national economy was opened for the 20th anniversary of the Soviet power. The best architects took up the solution of the state task. After the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the task expanded – it was still necessary to show the power and triumph of victory. The Main Pavilion of the exhibition was to become the center, and its significance for the architectural ensemble can be compared with the Greek Parthenon. By 1954, such a building was built. The 90-meter-high Main Pavilion with a spire is designed in the traditions of Russian classical architecture. Medallions with the coats of arms of the Union republics are placed on the facades of the building. In the center of the composition is the banner and the coat of arms of the USSR. On the second tier there are bronze sculptures, on the third a 35-meter spire with sheaves of wheat and a star. This is the image of the entire Soviet Union, the face of the exhibition. Nine pompous halls with achievements in industry, agriculture, science and culture were arranged inside the Main Pavilion. There are also real finds in the interiors. For example, the air duct hoods are decorated in the form of huge cones. There is also an intrigue - the main Pavilion of the exhibition is surprisingly similar to the building of the St. Petersburg Admiralty.

In 2018, the Main Pavilion at VDNH experienced its third birth and was revived again after many years of neglect. The buildings of VDNH are recognized as objects of cultural heritage, the exhibition itself is a landmark of the whole country. And the hundred-meter building of the Main Pavilion became one of her business cards.


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